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Guild Goals, Ideals and Plans

This is a nuetral guild, we wish to be a part of the LoRD forum and we
accept all types of applicants who are willing to follow the rules and
can spend time with the guild.

1.) ___1.)_Be an active member. Not spending every
_________________moment with us but particiapate in our activities as
much as you can.
2.) __________2.)_Follow the orders passed down to you from those
_______________superior to you in the chain of command.Do this
______and do it to the best of your abilities.

We participate in both story line wars and inter-guild activities. All
members will be assigned a place on the Estates with either Fireflair
k'Treva or Maleia k'Treva. These posistions will be used for any and
all story lines the guild is conducting. If you perform well and do as
asked you will be rewarded. Do even better and we will see to it that
you are justly rewarded for the extra effort. Likewise if you do not
perform accourding to the rules you will be punished. We wish to see
RPG continue on the Net and be relaxed so to this end we created this