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Lady Velvet Markham

_____I was born the youngest daughter of an impoverished lord, somewhere along the borders of Switzerland and Germany. My mother raised me mostly by herself, as my father was out and about. He finally left us and settled in Germany where he started a new family.
_____My mother died and I was cast out on my own. I did what I had to do to survive. I learned on the streets of Chamoinix how to become adept at picking pockets, fleecing men by offering sexual favors, then drugging their drinks and taking their money, and becoming an expert at throwing daggers and hand to hand combat. I eventually made my way to Paris, where I came under the guidance and supervision of a powerful Mage, Guy De Mauparsont. Under his watchful eye, I learned the art of magick and healing. 'Twas a long process, but I finally excelled to where Guy thought I was able to go out on my own.
_____I left Paris with my knowledge, a dagger, some gold pieces, and little else. I made it to Rhydin and settled in making friends. Because of my ability I learned in Chamoinix to be able to obtain secrets from people, I caught the attention of a powerful guild leader. We became friends, and I started working for the guild, though no one but the Co-commanders of the guild knew that I was spying for them or even that I was a member of the guild. When they also found out my ability to be able to fight and heal, they formally asked me to join the guild. There I found many more friends....and a husband. I was married and we built a beautiful home on the outskirts of Rhydin ~Loveborne Manor~.
_____My husband was gone much of the time as he was in three different guilds. I was spending more time with other members of my guild and fell in love with one of the members. I found out I was pregnant, but knew for sure it was my husband's. But, Bry ended up divorcing his wife, I divorced Enli and we married. Bry and I, right before this took place, had been recruited to an assassins guild. There, we both rose up in ranks until I held the position of 2nd in command. I ended up having my daughter Ariel, and Bry and I brought her to our home, DarkCouncil.
_____During this same period, I was finding people in Rhydin that I was related to. It turns out that my mother had 2 daughters in England before she met my father. I met my two sisters, who have since passed on. I also found my little brother, LordKevin, who was raised in Germany after our father left my mother and me. Kevin introduced me to many more relatives I did not know. It turns out my family was Kindred, but as I did not wish to be Embraced, they respected my wishes.
_____Also during this time, I helped set up another guild, The Ruby Shadows. I was in command of the their spy division. I also was the owner of a tavern by the name of ~The Red Velvet Inn~. This was given to me after a deranged lunatic killed me. My brother razed me.
_____After my husband Bry left Rhydin, I ended up marrying several more times, one union of which brought me my daughter Amanda. She is half silver dragon.
_____I have since traveled between Mundania and Rhydin, trying to help where I am needed. I met Fire one day, and he showed me the Estates and asked if I wished to stay. I am happy to do so.