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Maleia k'Treva Tigres4440 Co-commander of KEoR

Maleia was alone in the world..seeking a place for herself. She was about to go into Slavery, having no hope's as to having a life of her own, her past hovering over her. She was to meet her new master in a local tavern..but he never showed. Instead..she found her lifebond and husband, FireFlair. She knew upon meeting him that they would share a life of love and happiness. They went through many obsticals, and then he proposed to her in a tavern..and of course, she said yes. They now share a life at the estates, with their small son Kahle, and their Bondbird, Kayon.Upon their marriage, Maleia and Fire decided to open their home to a larger family, hence the birth of KEoR. All the members are family...respected, honored, and loved. Maleia is an empath..though she has not learned how to control this special gift. It overtakes her when she least expects it...she once became ill at a friend's severe rage, soaking his rage as her own. Her healing abilities are great...her fighting skills are being honed to mastery with the help of her husband and friends. To Maleia, friends are the grain the heart has sown. They are her life..she will do anything to help anyone. Her heart knows no boundaries. She will always have concern to share with one. She will listen quietly, and offer a hug without hesitation. Her past still concerns her. Maleia can transform into a white tigress when she feels she or her friends are threatened... although..once..this was not a gift..but a tragedy. She does nae like to speak of it. She is trying to find her father maybe one day, the truth will be unvieled to her. She did nae do as she thinks ..though she does nae know it.