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Sir Owen FireBlade

As a warrior, angel, and guardian in seemingly countless realms and for an even longer time, he's finally settled down in Rhydin; ejoying the varying cultutres. _____________________________________ ____

His life has been a path of grand events, devastating wars, and an endless line of wives, lovers, and children. Even after twenty-three wives and even more children, his attitude is usually bright and cheery. The only thing that can cause his heart to drop is when the weight of guarding so many realms gets to him; and though this is a rare occasion it can drastically change his mood.___________________________ ___

His appearnce is normally a gentle smile with an elven body, though appearences can be very deceiving. He has gained through his years of experience a mastery in shape shifting and a solid control in the arts of magick. His natural abilties are a secret to most, though in battle they are clearly shown. ___________________________________ ____

Under the dark, old uniform hangs an ancient amulet crafted of black stone with two angel wings engraved in gold; though he has a myriad of these amulets, this particular one resembles his position as Angel in all the realms he's traveled to. Matching his old uniform is a blade made entirely of diamond and emerald.

Also under the cloak of his uniform are two large, golden feathered wings, another symbol of his being. Though his wings ae rarely exposed, he can often be persuaded to show them if asked correctly. The wings seemingly possess no real purpose but when they are exposed odd things may happen, but that you must find out on your own.