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k'Treva Estates of Rhydin

LoRD Combat
written by Borael
Transposed and edited by Fireflair

This is a "Combat Guide" to have as a reference... it breaks down the combat rules and pieces together a few things.

LoRD is based upon levels, which you achieve based upon the Ability Points (aps) you carry. All you need to be concerned about are your levels, as opposed to aps.

The combat, healing, and assassination systems of LoRD all depend upon "Hit Numbers".

Level Number Hit Number
Level 1 10
Level 2 11
Level 3 12
Level 4 13
Level 5 14
Level 6 15
Level 7 16
Level 8 17

~Combat Procedure~

All LoRD combatants employ 2d20's and use standard Rhy'Din combat procedure.
***To score a hit, you must roll above the hit number of your opponent. A 20 is always 2 hits.***

1) The 1d6 Initiative roll. Upon the call of the proctor, both combatants shall roll 1d6 as
the initiative die. The higher score gets the first strike.

2) The Fighting. Both combatants alternate attacks, with the proctor calling score between
each round. The Match will go to a certain number of rounds designated by the type of
match being fought.

3) The Resolution. After the designated number of rounds, the person scoring the most
hits is the victor. In the event of a draw, three more rounds will be dueled until there is
a clear winner. Any effects to the winner/loser/guilds due to the type of match now
take place.

~Types of Matches~

POW Match
Winner gains:
_______aps equal to opponent's Level x2
Loser loses:
________aps equal to their Level x2
Winning guild gains:
__vps equal to level of opponent defeated
Healers allowed:
____12 total levels

Release Match
Prisoner to be released must be named beforehand. The captor must be challenged.
Winner gains:
__________aps equal to opponent's Level x2
Loser loses:
___________aps equal to their Level x2
Winning guild gains:
_____vps equal to level of opponent defeated
Losers guild loses:
______vps equal to level of prisoner freed
Healers allowed:
_______12 total levels

Death Match
Loser is considered "Dead" for the remainder of the war. *No SN whipe!!!*
Winner gains:
__________aps equal to opponent's Level x4
Loser loses:
___________ of current aps (round up)
Winning guild gains:
_____vps equal to level of opponent defeated x2
Healers allowed:
_______15 total levels

~Finding an Opponent~

1) Acquire a target. You will be sent a list of targets to attack. Look on this list for one
who is online.

2) Find a Proctor. If you are challenging, you must have a proctor ready for the match.
Technically, anyone can proctor.

3) Challenge. Mindlink (Instant Message) the target, officially challenging them to the match.
Be sure to say that you are of LORE and what type of match you intend to fight.
Ex. "In the name of LORE I challenge you to a POW match."

4) Fight. Should the opponent accept the challenge then you will go to a designated private room
and fight the match.
**If the opponent refuses, log the IM (copy and paste) and send it to Fireflair**

~Some Brief Words from Fire-Mun...~

Yes, like you most likely, I find training boring. It is a tedious process and frankly annoying to attend classes on new sets of rules. This is another way to look at training and keeping a guild "in shape."
I view forum rules as fundamentals, nothing more and nothing less. Should KEOR as a whole have a general understanding of them, then I can almost ignore this tedious and occaisionally boring aspect of the game, concentrating the guild on better things, such as storylines with other guilds, roleplaying, and a standard or SL-based war here and there. Like all fundamentals, they are quickly learned, and slowly mastered. If each and every member of KEOR can learn the fundamentals on their own time, with other members or by themselves, then we can omit the previously necessary training classes, and slowly mastery will come.

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