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Guilds Info. (found thus far)

_____Here is what I've been able to find out about the guilds we will be up against. Some of this info. may not be especially useful or relevant, but I'm doing what I can, so bear with me. As more information is located it will be posted immeadiately on this site. Please check back often and if there is anything you think should be added here, don't hesitate to tell me. DeadSilent


Angels of the Sword AotS HC rule: Rylanthe, Dwnrain, Aezelidor
Black Orb Warriors BOW XxJerikxX
Dark (V)artyr Clan D(V)C ZeroArcKnt
Dragon Spirit Clan of RhyDin DSCoR LadyCATina
Draconic Kingdom of Rhydin DKoR Bahamutelf
Enchanted Equines of RhyDin EEoR SilvrSplsh
Order of D'ni ETD Eedreh
Final Domainion of the Eternal Knights FDotEK Lrd Reznor
Golden Stars of Rhydin (GSoR) ArianaWo1f, Lazasar1
Kingdom of Abbyfaer (RKoA) Dynastus S
Knights of the Eternal Flame KotEF FennyaLily
Legacy of the Savage Garden (LotSG) SybilStar
Order of the Dark Knights OotDK froznmyst3
The Elite Knights of Rhydin (TEKoR) SCILER
Virtuous Forces of Rhydin ~`VFoR`~ (Skyely)