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Gale Wyndfury was born 147 years ago in the Empire ruled by Lord Juhrai and his wife Lady Darkstarre. This Empire was known as Shaiden. Within Shaiden, Gale devoted his life to the winds and the sea. He studied their source, their purpose, and their power. In return for his devotion, the spirit of the seas and skies rewarded him witht he ability to summon and control the storms and the tides of the world.

With his new found abilities, Gale quickly became one of the main powers of Shaiden. He adventured into many countries, seeking new sensations. When he returned from his journies he became the 2nd in Command of Juhrai's 1st attack party. Above him is Juhrai's son Xander.

For over a century Gale has served for Juhrai and has reigned victorious in hundreds of battles. During a raid on an enemy fortress, a traitor ruined their plans and they suffered great losses. Two of Gale's dearest friends were at the battle, he saw them one once during the fray, and he nnever again has his eyes set upon them. He has vowed to find them at any cost, although he started out optimistic about the search, the thought they they might have perished lurks in his mind.

In his travels to find his friends, he has repeadiately come to RhyDin, find that the city can hold much kowledge about even the most rare of topics. In order to keep contact in RhyDin, he established a home there near the waterfalls. Though he does enjoy his home in RhyDin he'd rather be at his true home, formerly owned by Lord Edrik Moonsong, Sabre Towers.

He makes very frequent trips to RhyDin, although he was gone for several months the last time he left, he still seems to be at home in the wild city.