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Fire k'Treva - FireFlair _______________________ Commander of KEoR

_____Fireflair k' let us see. He has been in the realms of Rhydin for going on near to 10 years now. His story started with him leaving his clan, the Talyaderas Hawkbrother clan of k'Treva, and being sent out into the world to find a place and a chance for his clan to merge once again with the realms outside of the Vales. He traveled first to a bard by the name of Demonse, with whom he joined his forces and ousted a bad king and claimed lands for his clan and himself. While on this journey he discovered one Maleia. After much trials and hardships together they came to realize that they loved each other and were destined to be lifebonded companions. He is now rarely found far from her side or thier son, Kahle, either. He travels always with his companion, a softly glowing, silvery firebird, a bondbird of the Talyaderas, named Kayon. His son now also has a similaur bondbird though she is still completely orange, gold and red in color, who's name is X'Cente. After settling his family at his newly claimed lands and estate he opened his house up to all who would seek a home and be willing to turn their labors back to the familly to make it stronger and to help it in the same way that Fireflair helped them. He is now the guild commander of k'Treva Estates over Rhydin and belongs to several other guilds, in one he is Co-GC, another a division commander, in another a mage adept and another only a lowly apprentice.