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Current Events with KEoR


KEoR is eager to start its SL once enough dedicated members have joined. We are growing in number so it is possible that we will begin soon. If anyone has ideas for the SL send them to A51merc. He is KEoR Sl coordinator.

I am building profiles for each member as you know so when you have compiled all the information on yourselves send them in to me, Gale Wynds. I'd like a picture if possible, if you don't have one yet. Here is a site that should fill any needs in that area. Dragons and Dreams

It would also be appreciated if you could send in what days and times it is best to reach you in order to have a meeting with all members.

Here are some useful links:

Kingdom of Rhydin Kindred

k'Treva Estates over Rhydin Message Board

k'Treva Estates over Rhydin Chat