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Deleriana Telcontar-de'Har - Deleriana


_____I was born the oldest daughter to a very minor lordling - distant cousin to the actual titleholder of the family. When l was old enough, nine, l was sent to be a fosterling to that cousin. On a trip to visit another cousin who was ailing l was abducted by bandits - my foster parents treated me as their own child and the bandits kidnapped me thinking that l was indeed their daughter. After a look at me they decided they could get more money for me in the slave markets of RhyDin...but when we neared the town one of them attacked me and l killed him...making my escape. l came to RhyDin and joined a guild called Union of the Blades who made me part of their council and gave me a high pospition in their ranks...but l had no home or friends and often slept in my office. Several months ago l met Lyoc Elessar Telcontar-de'Har when he joined the guild...having similar backgrounds and interests we soon fell in love and recently married. Lyoc is often away at war but l use my training as a fosterling to keep our estate and people well-cared for...and my training in fighting for the guild has gained the respect of the soldiers who guard us so that they will take my orders if needed. Now Lyoc and l plan to have a large and happy family in the near near as we can manage it.