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Life of Gale


Gale has currently joined KEOR which is commanded by FireFlair, and Co-Cmmanded by Tigres4440

New friends have arrived in his life, replacing his many hours of solitude besides his time with Lord Juhrai and Lady Darkstarre and a former friend. He has begun to take a lighter approach to people and seems to enjoy himself more and is becoming very much less hostile.

Amongst his new friends is a small child name Chelsey who has taken his changing heart by storm and he is rather devoted to keeping her safe and happy.

Despite such enjoyful things shifting about him, dark times have struck this solemn fellow as his greatest friend, Sir Owen FireBlade, has been turned against him by a devious creature named Sabre. He has been trying to turn him back with no luck thus far. His mind is flooded with thoughts and he can become enraged at times due to the stress of the situation. Owen has been meddling with gale's friends and others. Disturbing many and creating some problems.

Also, among the changes in his life, Gale, after many, many years has finally started to open up to the idea of finding love. Though he seems to fight the thought, he can't help but wonder. His friends have tried to convince him of the advantages of marriage. Though he usually ends up seeing the negative sides. Despite that, however, it is constantly on his mind. Perhaps he will find a wife for himself, perhaps not...only time will tell.

To add on to the problems with Owen, the creature that turned him has now entered the scene. he is intent on the destruction of Gale and Lord Juhrai, Gale's main employer. Gale has thrice tried to attack his enemies without killing owen. He has now realized that this may be an impossible task and has decided to take both Sbare and Owen when he has the chance. Recently he attempted this, but Owen fled the scene in either an act of cowardice or obeying his orders. Either way, Gale was enraged and being such, returned to a local tavern, infuriated, and expelled massive storms containted in a small sheild of his aura. he expelled such amounts of his energy that he became severely weakened, and in the process, made a friend ill. Though he is recovering from his act, he remains tired most of the time.