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_____~the little girl bounds through the estates, tiny baby fangs peeking from between soft, rose-bud lips. Her blonde curls shine in the moonlight, destined to play among the shadows for eternity. She has no knowledge of her past, she only knows that she is now kindred, and she stays with her mommy and Sire,Rose (CryptRose), in the crypt. There is always a happy giggle present. Chelsey has a few very special friends. FireFlair k'Treva and Maleia k'Treva are her angels....always there to help her. Kaira (Xkaira) is her sissy, who she always seems to be getting into trouble with. But of all her friends....Bri (LdyBriana) and Gale Wynds are her best. Bri and Gale have found a special place in her...if she had a heart..she would love them...Briana is always there to help her, as Gale, who is teaching her to master the elementals. Chelsey will always remain three....the mists swirling around her as her innocent face is belied by her eyes, clear, fantomless blue that seem to glow with a dark light. She waggles her chubby fingers at you, her razor sharp claws looking out of place~