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Lady Catherine of Drakestone - CatOfDrake

_____M' lords and ladies, my name is Lady Catherine of Drakestone. My story is sad but hopefully not too long. There is nothing worse than a minstral that bores her audiance.
_____I was born into the family Drakestone three hundred and fifty years ago. I am not quite human. Nor am I quite dragon. I am the melding of the two with a human form and dragon's fire coursing through my veins. Why am I so? The Dragon Lords of my world, Medterra, in their infinite wisdom, made my family to defend the Human, Elven, and Dwarf races. From whom you ask? Why, from the Dragons' own kin, the Daemons. They were an evil, bloodthirsty, and selfish deformation of the great Dragons. They sought to control the world or destroy it if they couldn't take it in one piece. Unfortunately, the Dragons had neglected to tell my family very much of its responsibility, and while the Daemons slowly told over the centers of magic of my world for their scheme of world domination, my family lived happily in ignorance...until they were destroyed.
_____I was apprenticed to a mage at eleven years, and when I returned to my ancestrial home and my family five years later, I found my home burnt and ransacked and all but my father dead. My father, mortally wounded, died in my arms but left me his sword, his memory, and these words: "Prophesy...must be fulfilled. You are the last of this household, so you mustavenge its death. The words of our family...its motto...'Red eyes will close forever, blinded by Starfire.' That is you. Destroy those that destroyed us." That was his last wish, vengance, so I avenged...beginning with one of my father's killers, a young Daemon warrior. I received a scar on my upper right arm, but that youth lost his head. From then on, I made it my purpose to destroy the whole blasted race of blighters. After fifty years of searching, I found and destroyed what created and sustained the Daemons, a giant onx named rather uncreatively, might I add, but fitfully the Darkstone.
_____From then on, I have spent my life wondering my world and those I've found on my occasional stumbles across the Nexus of time and space. That is how I arrived in Rhydin, by accident, but an accident can mean so much. I found my heart, my husband, my John here and for a brief time, was whole, but like most things I have cherished in my life, he was torn from me by death. Before his death, we had a daughter...but like her father, she is also dead, taken from me by a necromancer in need of new blood... ::sighs:: I should have given him mine...
_____So here I am, your humble minstral, pleased to serve in anyway possible. M'lords and ladies, I'll sing you any song I know...except "Greensleeves"...that shall always be John's alone.