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Lady Briana___

A woman of diginity and coldness
The heart that is as good as dead
Her husband lost, her daughter kissed with immortalness
The secrets heavy, the sorrow like lead

Briana's story, for her to tell, you must earn trust..
Her family needs tae know this story, she weighs it heavily in her cold heart, and begins to speak in a soft, tilted speech.
I used ta know the happiness of love and joy, until my husband and I got lost in a storm with our small daughter, Chel..::she stops, hesitating, then goes on:: My husband didna survive the storm, plunging from a cliff we were tae blinded ta see...I caught my daughter, my cries of rage fiercer than the storm...My daughter was caught with was I...someone took us in..and nursed us back to health, but when I awoke, my daughter was gone. I didna know what happened to her..until I saw her one day..recently...but the fever had affected her..and our being apart..and she didna know who I was..she had just turned three when she was lost to me..and it was just before her fourth birthday..almost a year gone..a long time for one so young. Before I could tell her who I was...she was wandering in a tavern, and a kindred embraced her to darkness...making her a childe...born to darkness for ever.

Now the childe's Sire plagues my mind night and day...whispering dark warnings..that if I tell Chelsey who I am...I will lose my mind..and kill Chelsey by my own hand...::she trails off a moment, her voice ravaged by pain..she regains her composure:: Chelsey is my only reason for living..and I wadna do anything to harm her...this is why she must no' know who I I must live on...the cold heartless vixen, with only verra few friends...who have somehow managed to find my heart...and ta them, I am loyal. FireFlair and Maleia have showed me nothing but kindness, so when they offered me a place in their home, I could no' resist...for...I do have a heart...::she stops abruptly, her face a storm of conflicting emotions::